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Population Management

LOCAL POPULATION MANAGEMENT PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION VISION Well-planned, healthy and happy families, responsible individuals, empowered communities, guided by the Divine Providence, living harmoniously and equitably in a sustainable environment. MISSION We are technical and information resource agency, working in partnership with national and local government policy and decision makers, program implementors, community leaders and civil society. […]

Population Division

PROVINCIAL GOVERNOR’S OFFICE POPULATION DIVISION Organization Structure Functions Citizen’s Charter Work & Financial Plan (2012) Organization Structure I. ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE Functions II. FUNCTIONS OF THE POPULATION OFFICE 1. Program Coordination The PPMP is a multi-agency implemented program hence, the Population Officer shall maintain a coordination mechanism (Provincial/ Municipal Population Coordinating Committee P/MPCC) to monitor the […]


HISTORICAL BACKGROUND OF THE MUNICIPALITY It was during the first half of the 18th century, after the conduct of archeological and historical investigations over the racial origin of the Ilongots, now the Bugkalots, tribes that Pinappagan (now Maddela, the mother town of Nagtipunan), a former barrio of Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya was found to be inhabited […]


BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE MUNICIPALITY 1.  Name of Province/Municipality           :   Diffun, Quirino 2.  Classification/IRA                              :  2nd Class (Pph 76,506,923.00) 2010 3.  Area ( in sq. kilometers )                    :  352.80 sq. km 4.  Population   (latest data)                    :  42,958 (2007 POPCEN) 5.  Date Founded                                  :  July 2, 1950 6.  Official Flower                                  […]