Office of the Provincial Social Welfare & Devt Officer


I. Child & Youth Welfare

Activities/ Services

  1. Unlad kabataan Program/ PAFLO
  2. IEC/ Forum on drug abuse prevention and control, VAWC and child trafficking
  3. Cash/ food for work for youth
  4. Establishment of Silid Kanlungan/ Residential Care Services
  5. Skills training
  6. Educational Assistance Program
  7. ECCD ( Early Childhood Care & Development Services)

II. Women’s Welfare

Activities/ Services

  1. Productivity Skills Capacity Building
  2. Rape Crisis Center/ Residential Care Facility for WEDC/ Processing Center for Victims of Trafficking/Establishment of Silid-Kanlungan
    • Admission/ interview/Counseling Session
    • Provision of basic services of VAWC Cases
    • Temporary Custody
    • After Care Services
  3. IEC/ Forum on drug abuse prevention and control, VAW-C and Child trafficking.
  4. Cash/ food for work

III. Persons with Disabilities Welfare

Activities/ Services

  1. IEC Disability Prevention Service/ Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation of PWD.
  2. Assistance for Physical Restoration Services/ Physical Restoration with GAIT Training.
  3. Self and Social Enhancement
    • Organization of PWD, Provincial  Federation and Panunumpa sa katungkulan
    • Forum on Magna Carta for PWD’s, BP 344 and other PWD Laws
    • Socialization of PWD’s during Christmas Program
    • Monitoring of BP 344, implementation and issuance of Notice Completion.
  4. Referral Services/ referrals for Dental Services
  5. Training and Employment Support Services
    • Skills training with basic management. Skills development


IV. Senior Citizens Welfare

Activities/ Services

  1. Residential Care Services/ Establishment  of Silid kanlungan
  2. Self and Social Enhancement
  3. Volunteer Resource Development
  4. Skills training & Livelihood Support Services
    • Bookkeeping & Simple Accounting
  5. Referral Services e.g. Livelihood Program.


V. Former Rebels

Activities/ Services

  1. Interview, Counseling, Preparation of Re-Integration Plan
  2. Assistance to families/individuals in crisis situation
  3. Livelihood Assistance in partnership with DILG/ Q-LIFE
  4. After care and follow up services


VI. Internally Displaced Person’s Welfare

Activities/ Services

  1. Cash/ Food for Work
  2. CSAP/ ESA
  3. Relief/ crisis intervention
  4. Assistance to families/individuals in crisis situation


VII. EMBRACE (Empowering Movement for the Better Integration and Advocacy in Caring Environment) – It is a strategy to address the reintegration and rehabilitation for the identified drug users.

Activities/ Services

  1. Assessment  on the level of addiction
  2. Capability Building
  3. Profiling and needs assessment
  4. Conduct of counseling ( Individual/ Group)
  5. Conduct of unscheduled regular drug testing
  6. Provision of Programs, Intervention, and Support on Aftercare Services
  7. Monitoring & Evaluation
  8. Treatment & Rehabilitation Center

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