PGSO-Government Equipment


(Sound System, Tables and Chairs, Grass Cutter, LCD Monitor) (Duration: 47 minutes) CLIENTS: NGOs, POs, Religious Groups, Associations, Employees, Barangay Captains

Steps Steps/ Process Duration Requirements/ Form Fees Person Responsible Location
Client Service Provider
1 Submit Letter Request Receive and verify scheduling 5 mins. Receiving clerk or Action Officer  PGSO-Admin. Division  
2 Secure Form Fill up Borrower’s Slip       Provide Promissory Note Form 1 min. Borrower’s Slip       PN Form Receiving Clerk or Action Officer PGSO-Admin. Division
3 Submit Signed PN Sign “Issued by” on Borrower’s Slip 5 mins. Supply Officer or Action Officer PGSO-Admin. Division
4 Approve Borrower’s Slip 3 mins Head of Office PGSO
5 Pay required fee Issue O.R. 30 mins. Per Provincial Tax Ordinane No. 01, series of 2002 * Cashier PTO
6 Give copy of the approved form and present the receipt Get file copy 3 mins. Storekeeper or Action Officer PGSO-Admin. Division
7 Receive Equip’t. Lend Equipment 5 mins. Administrative Aide II PGSO-Bodega
End of Transaction