Seal of Good Local Governance : Wooden Policies for the Year of the Wooden Horse

Seal of Good Local Governance : Wooden Policies for the Year of the Wooden Horse

By: Imelda L. Aquino

What a year to start for Quirino Province with the introduction of the Seal of Good Local Governance anchored in the Local Governance Performance
Management System (LGPMS) Seals, the new format of the 2013 LGPMS Data Capture Form.

With this, a lot of activities were lined up to be undertaken in partnership with the LGUs, the National Agencies and Various Civil Society Organizations.

With reference to the Chinese Calendar: “This year will be a year of competitiveness and of jealousy, back stabbing and insecurities but it will also be a one of good relationships. The thing with this year is that it is of the wooden horse which represents stability, power, urgency, stubbornness, narrow mindedness, hostility, perseverance and independence.”

Though not all have an inkling to believe the Chinese Calendar, let us just take some traits positively- STABILITY, POWER AND URGENCY.

These are exactly what all of us need to keep us abreast with the demands of the fast paced world. The 2012 national and local elections and the barangay
elections, brought about so many changes; and along with the changes are the challenges the government has to face to meet the demands for the year 2014.

Local Government officials are into the process of fulfilling their social contracts and the people are to keep watch on this. DILG’s program on Vigilance to Volunteerism encourages the participation of the society in governance. The LGPMS likewise look into the implementation of all aspects good governance
in the different activities the LGUs are undertaking.

In the Department, the team who delivers their services best gets an incentive for that good performance. As such, the Department has committed this idea
to the LGU that in like manner, whoever passes the Seals of Good Governance receives an incentive. The new LGPMS format anchors various programs such as Business-Friendly and Competitive LGUs, Environment-Protective, Climate Change Adaptive and Disaster Resilient LGUs; Socially-Protective and Safe LGUs and Self-Reliance, Law and Order and Public Safety. This is to ensure that the outcomes will be geared towards an Inclusive Growth and Poverty Reduction; Sustainable Development-Oriented Local Government; and Accountable, Transparent, Participative and Effective Local Governance.

The SGLG will guarantee compliance of the LGUs to the Seal of Good Housekeeping and Seal of Disaster Preparedness. The said seal will now be the mother seal that the LGUs can attain as one measure of their good performance in governance.

The Province of Quirino along with all its municipal LGUs is looking forward to meeting the SGLG requirements this year.

It is likewise very commendable the consolidated performance of all the LGPMS players in the province made the Province of Quirino won the 2nd place National Level LGPMS Stewardship Awards 2013 conferred by the Bureau of Local Government Development for the exemplary performance we have shown in the LGPMS Implementation. Likewise, our contribution made DILG Region 02 won the Best Institution Award in 2013 LGPMS Implementation. Awards were conferred at the BSA Twin Towers, Mandaluyong City on December 18-20, 2013.

The challenge :SUSTAINABILITY!