1. Utility Services

a) Maintenance of Cleanliness and Sanitation

– The Utility Services Section of the PGSO is responsible in the cleanliness and sanitation of all offices in the Provincial Government including all Comfort Rooms and surrounding areas of the Provincial Capitol.

b) Landscaping

– Planting of flowering and ornamental plants, maintenance of the same such as watering, trimming, cultivating and pulling/trimming grasses around the capitol area.

c) Ground Preparation and Restoration

– Preparation of venues for programs and special occasions held in the Provincial Capitol. This includes activities such as cleaning, hauling of chairs, tables, sound system and other equipment needed and restoration of the same after the said program or occasion.

d) Waste Management

– Management of waste such as segregation and proper disposal of the same.

  1. Embalming Services

– The PGSO is rendering free embalming services to indigent families upon the governor’s approval of their requests. Approved requests will be forwarded to the PGSO and same will be acted upon through our embalmer, Mr. Arsenio L. Agustin.

  1. Water Distribution and Water System Maintenance and Repair Services

– The Water Services Section of the PGSO is responsible in the distribution of water to all offices in the Provincial Government. It also includes services such as installation of pipes and sewerage, maintenance and repair of the same.

– Requests for repair are acted upon approval of the PGS Officer, Dr. Noel B. Martinez through Mr. Federico P. Bagay, Plumber of the PGSO.

  1. Electronics and Aircon Maintenance and Repair

– Installation, cleaning and repair of airconditioning units and repair of electronic equipment is done through approved request addressed to the PGS Officer, Dr. Noel B. Martinez through Mr. Mateo P. Ungriano, our Electronic Equipment Technician.

  1. Electrical Maintenance and Repair Services

– Electrical services such as installation of electrical wirings, lights, switches and repair and replacement of the same is also one of the important services that could be availed through the PGSO through our Electricians Mr. Virgilio Pantelon and Mr. Harrison Estigoy.

  1. Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Services

– Maintenance and repair of all light RP Vehicles owned by the Provincial Government is performed by the Vehicle Maintenance Section of PGSO through Mr. Mario O. Corpuz, our Mechanical Shop General Foreman and Mr. Jose Valdez, casual Mechanic.

  1. Computer Maintenance Services